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GEA poised to fight piracy and counterfeiting

Industry News

The Ghana Employers’ Association (GEA), with support from the Business Sector Advocacy Challenge (BUSAC) Fund, has begun implementing an action plan to fight counterfeit and illicit trade in the country.
The action plan, which will be focusing on especially the textile and pharmaceutical industries, is themed ‘Advocacy to Combat Counterfeit and Illicit Trade.’
Speaking at a media engagement in Accra, the Project Manager of the plan, Mr Charles Asante-Bempong, said the growing problem of counterfeiting and piracy poses a variety of threats to businesses operating in the country.
According to him, “many industries have collapsed in Ghana due to counterfeiting, piracy and infringements of intellectual property rights. Local businesses trying to manufacture and market legitimate products in Ghana see their efforts undercut by piracy and counterfeiting.”
Mr Asante-Bempong said the association expects government to institute a much stronger legal framework and “an effective punishment to serve as a real deterrent” to culprits. He said the association was not pleased with the current three-year jail term and compensation, deeming it as not punitive enough.
The GEA again called on government to equip regulatory bodies like the police and the Customs Exercise and Preventive Service (CEPS) with requisite tools to enable them to identify counterfeit products so offenders will be made to face relevant sanctions.
The Chief Executive Officer of the GEA, Mr Alex Frimpong, called on the media to help it communicate with the public and policymakers on the issue.
He said the association, with funding from BUSAC, has held stakeholders’ workshops in Accra and Kumasi and conducted various researches about the prevalence of the cancer in the textile and pharmaceutical industries.
Mr Frimpong, however, noted that what was left was sensitisation which the association was counting on the continuous support of the media.
“We thought that having done a lot of work in building consensus on the issues concerning the legal framework and also the administrative and policy issues of counterfeit, the time has come for the public to be aware of what is going on and how we can work together to collectively combat this phenomenon.”

Source: Ghana Web

BoG Board to decide modalities for paying minimum capital
Matured bills & bonds reach GHC145bn in 2016
Treasury securities continue to slide
New financing models needed for business growth
BoG introduces business rules and micro-finance logo to sanitize the industry
Ghana EximBank takes off
BoG sells GH¢93.3bn worth of bills to mop up excess liquidity
Gov't should allow market forces to determine interest rates - financial experts
Illegal forex business booms
Dollar auction may least control cedi depreciation – Economist
The stabilization of Ghana’s microfinance industry
Interest on deposits continues to taper off
Bank treasurers blame cedi depreciation on increased retail demand
Improved fiscal balance to boost economic outlook
New BoG Foreign exchange auction rules
October PPI increased slightly to 9.8%
Cedi depreciation not possible this December - Governor
Banks asked to be wary of internal cyber attacks
Rural banks advised to embrace technology in banking
BoG to enroll MFIs on one software next month
BoG reduces policy rate to 25.5%
GSE lobbies for patronage of the Ghana Fixed Income Market
Banks reducing interests on deposits – BoG report
Average interest on deposits drops to 12.2 percent
Banks’ average base rate increases to 27.8%
BoG to announce economic capital before minimum capital
GRA holds public forum on new tax laws
Access to formal financial services still low
BoG targets digital finance training to reduce fraud
Interest payments, capital expenditure gap widens
Banks to raise cost of lending
Mobile Money provides numerous opportunities for business growth
China 'overtakes U.S. as the the world's largest economy'
Ghana issues maiden dollar bond on local market
Seth Terkper to present financial statement for 2017 first quarter
Banks must help revive abandoned sectors – Dr Kofi Amoah
Government to achieve local dollar bond target
Stubborn inflation perforates BoG’s defenses
Banks welcome minimum capital revision
Inflation rises to an annual 17.2 percent in September
Kwesi Botchwey urges BoG to do more for banks
Local investors lap up first USD bond
Initial FDI transfers soar
BoG urged to promote cashless transactions
Ghana Stock Exchange closes September on positive trend
Amend new BoG Act - IMF
Gov’t intervention spurs growth in e-zwich
IMF forecast 66 percent debt to GDP ratio for Ghana by December
Gov't targets up to $100 million for historic domestic dollar bond
BoG announces plans to give out shares in NIB and ADB
Banks urged to forge partnerships
Let’s redefine our SMEs for competitiveness
Benchmark rate inches up
GDP growth slumps to 2.5%
IMF approves Ghana’s third review
Minimum capital requirement for banks to hit GHC500m
Exim Bank can be transformative - BoG advisor
BoG warns of blacklisting banks over electronic fraud
BoG boss assures of positive banks’ performance
Cedi’s positive gain to run into last quarter
BoG to release new guidelines on mobile financial services
BoG to increase minimum capital for banks
Banks squeeze credit to private sector
BoG Governor backs gov’t claim of economic turnaround
Raising equity on capital market just became easier
Reduce cost of doing business in Ghana – Veep to new BoG Board
MPC announces policy rate today
Interest rate jumps to more than a decade high
SEC advances moves for multinationals to list from 2017
Cedi seen slipping on unmet dollar demand
Rural banks fear corporate tax rates could cripple them
Inflation rises to 16.9%
Cheap funds for MFIs in the offing
US$750 Eurobond oversubscribed by over 400%
Ghana raises $750 million Eurobond at 9.25%
182-Day treasury rate drops marginally
Minimum wage increased by 10 percent
World Bank supports Ghana to strengthen debt and public investment management
Recapitalization to affect ‘focused’ banks – Institute of Bankers
IMF must respect BoG Amended Bill- Dr. Akoto Osei
Gov't to raise GH¢25 billion for the rest of 2016
Mobile money interest payments start September 11- Bank of Ghana
Dont' create panic in the banking and finacial markets - BoG
Stock Exchange total volume traded hits 1.3 million shares
Bank of Ghana to establish deposits protection system
Fidelity Bank wins topmost award at Ghana Banking Awards
Single investor pushes FDIs up
BoG to approve interest on Mobile Money deposits
Inflation down to 16.7%
Ghana’s programme with IMF is the last – President Mahama
GhIPSS charges banks to expand Instant Pay service
2016 second quarter FDI increases by over 400 percent
GhIPSS assures customers of adequate security of Instant Pay service
GSE to introduce single window market on Bloomberg
Ghana Stock Exchange sensitises SMEs on Alternative Market
BoG armed to bail-out troubled banks, NBFIs
BoG Zero deficit financing can be poisonous
Dan Sackey appointed new Ecobank MD for Anglophone West Africa
BoG hails decline in inflation
SEC intensifies moves to get GREDA onto capital market
MPs demand clarity on BoG Amendment Act
Kweku Bedu-Addo appointed Ghana Stock Exchange Chairman
Producer Price Inflation declines to 7.6% in June 2016
Ghana to issue Eurobond in September or October
Corporate tax hike could hamstring rural banks – Expert
Ghana likely to re-engage IMF deal over BoG deficit financing
Banks need standards to deepen fight against electronic fraudsters - CEO of GHIPSS
BoG not to finance budget deficit – Terkper
Ghana accepts over GH¢967.5 m for 5yr bond
We can’t pay interest on government’s deposits – BOG
Cedi will remain strong - Bank of Ghana
World Bank approves new procurement framework
Brexit to impact Ghana’s trade, FDI- BoG warns
BoG Governor justifies maintaining policy rate at 26%
BoG allows banks to lend above permitted ceiling
Bearish market hopes for speedy economic recovery
BOG chases ‘fake’ microfinance companies in V/R
High hopes for policy rate cut
BoG tightens surveillance to ‘whip’ unlicensed investment clubs
Cedi to trade at GH¢4.10 against dollar
BoG optimistic inflation target will be met
New financial bill to consolidate rural banks, microfinance companies
Multinationals must list on Ghana Stock Exchange – SEC
Best time to buy stocks – Investment bankers
Banks in Ghana optimistic of a rebound in 3rd quarter
Agriculture to take centre stage in Oxford Business Group 2017 report …as Liberty Capital signs MOU
Gov’t heeds call for MFIs regulator
Cedi depreciates 3 per cents in 6 months
Banks write-off GHC231 million as bad loans
Terpker hails new law for deposits protection
BoG announces changes to govt securities
High cost of credit seen falling
BoG announces changes in GoG securities issuing, trading
Traders back BoG over new forex directives
Zero deficit financing is premature – IFS
15 banks approved as primary dealers of treasury debt
Angola’s central bank sanctions seven banks
Chinese investors set to flood Ghana
Cedi firms up against Pound after days of Brexit volatility
Banks face worsening fortunes – Moody’s warns
Work begins on Exim Bank
‘Lack of loan and risk management worrying’
Banks backtrack on stocks; as they cut back on investments
Cedi falls against pound as UK votes to exit EU
Brexit: Ghana to consider emerging markets for $750m bond
Interbank Instant pay goes live
Ghana's Q1 2016 GDP grows at 4.9 pct
BOG bolsters cedi defences with export tracking
Commodities exchange to begin trading 2017
GSE struggles to delight investors
NBFIs press BoG to join Mobile Money deliberations
GHIPPS blames banks in Bulgarian ATM fraud saga
Information exchange critical to address tax issues - GRA
FX trade volumes could reach US$65m daily
May inflation hits 18.9%
Bank of Ghana to review Mobile money regulations in July
BoG assures safety in digital financial market
Mobile Money records over 100 % increase in 2016 first quarter
Ghana to sell $1 billion Eurobond despite concern over costs
BoG urges Savings and Loans to consider mergers & acquisitions
BoG touts ‘positive’ IMF impact
Treasury returns GHc815m to investors in 3mths
Banking Survey: Value-added services in the banking sector …more for sophisticated customers
Banking Survey: Indigenous banks ride out troubling banking sector storm
BoG outlines new forex rules
Maintain High Standards To Remain In Business - Veep
Equity financing best bet for SME funding
No panic over liquid challenge faced by banks-Economist
Savings & Loans firms battle identity crisis
Producer inflation slows in April
Govt issues GH¢500m bond again
Fiscal tightening policies likely to impede Ghana’s economic growth
BoG defends new foreign exchange rule
‘Mobile money sector needs policy direction’
ICAG demands tight supervision of micro-finance sector
Ghana 91-day bill yield rises to 22.8071 pct
e-zwich is functional nationwide — GhIPSS
2016 offers better prospects — Finance Minister
Cedi will stabilize till end of year-CAL Bank MD
Stock mkt to trade derivatives next yr
Banks enjoying good environment – Oroh
Mobile money transactions hit GH?35.4bn
BoG to offer DKM debts for sale
Cedi shines over major currencies
Increase the Capital Requirement for Microfinance Companies
April inflation offers hope for Governor …but will the anchor hold?
‘Cashless economy will help cut BoG cost’
Inflation uncertainty heralds MPC meeting
Inflation for the month of April drops marginally to 18.7 percent
Africa loses US$528.9 bn through illicit financial flows
Delegate microfinance supervisory role – Parliament to BoG
Businesses urged to invest in cyber security
Opinions divided on need for commodity fund
70th MPC meeting: Economist demand reduction in policy rate
Good times for money market mutual funds
Bankers show faith in economy
Bond market lacks big investors—Prof. Abor
Financial institutions urged to improve data gathering to avoid bad loans
Banking Awards launch today
51 Police trained in financial crime investigation
Micro Finance boss proposes apex body for MFIs
Revise financial laws to curb money laundering – FIC to government
BoG boss pledges to pursue SMEs growth
Ghana provisional GDP growth at 4.9 pct yr-on-yr in Q4 2015
SMEs need resilient strategies to grow
BoG puts on hold issuing of new licenses to microfinance companies
Investment bankers call for measures to check possible terrorism funding
Gov't sells GHC1.123bn 3-year domestic bond at 24.5% yield
Dr Asiama made BoG second deputy gov
Nine firms take over tier two pension scheme
BoG moves to boost business growth
SME financing fair slated for April 26/27
GCX assures aggregators of business stability
IMF describes Ghana’s fourth Eurobond as strategic
We’re re-calibrating the economy - Terkper tells investors
Rural banks urged to put house in order
Gov’t back in the bond mkt for GH¢500 million
Millison Narh takes over as acting governor of BoG
GCX Project extends sensitisation to GSIA
Dr Wampah bows out today
Bankers tout BoG Governor’s achievement as he prepares to bow out
Wampah’s exit won’t affect stock market—Nana Otuo Acheampong
Wampah to step down as BoG governor
Central Securities Depository migrates accounts onto new platform
Economists warn of high interest payment on $700 million Eurobond
Cedi records impressive performance in first quarter of 2016
2016 Eurobond road show to start in April
MPC maintains policy rate at 26%
Is our monetary policy to curtail inflation effective?
BoG report highlights major cuts in loans by commercial banks
Loans still highest earner for banks, Tbills second
Ghana increasing its standing in World Bank
Gov´t issues GH¢746m 5-year domestic bond
Economists want policy rate reduced
Wampah reiterates cap on MFIs
Inflation slows to 18.5 percent in February
Ghana among best places to invest worldwide - panelists
BoG in the process of liquidating DKM
Banking sector registers negative growth – BoG report reveals
Ghana to attend CII-Exim Bank Conclave
Banks’ T-bills dealings reach 10-yr high
GSE boss serves up optimism on capital market
BoG can't be blamed for DKM scandal - Dr. Wampah
GRA unfazed by opposition against ECOWAS Tariff System
IFC, ACCA to encourage sustainable businesses for economic growth
AGI dissociates itself from planned strike by businesses
Producer Price Inflation rate hits 16.3% in January 2016
3 Banks secure BoG approval to begin operations
Daniel Asiedu moves to head ADB
About 70% of ‘Susu’ collectors operating illegally
No new notes are being issued – BoG
Foreign direct investments into Ghana decrease
GhIPSS to drive e-bills payment this year
Finance Minister to present mid-year review of estimates in 2016 budget to parliament in July
Banks urged to adopt Direct Debit payment system
BoG pushes cashless economy
High non-performing loans to affect lending to private sector
January Inflation rate rises sharply to 19%
BOG proposes bill to protect clients
Zenith bank Ghana MD to retire from the bank
SSNIT returns high yields on investments in banks
"Mobile money key to banks’ success"
Norway Fund mulls over W. Africa expansion with Ghana Investments
Mobile money will boost Africa’s banking and economic growth – Moody’s
Stakeholders affirm support for GCX project
Banks’ profit falls …as bad loans, power take toll on operations
80% in informal sector agree they must pay tax
Trade position deteriorates …as deficit rises
GhIPSS aligns with banks to drive POS patronage this year
Producer price inflation rises to 10.5% in December
IMF’s deputy MD to engage policy makers in Ghana, Botswana
BoG throws out suggestions for cedi devaluation
Currency dealers project cedi stability in March
GSE coerces gov’t over capital gains tax
Bank of Ghana maintains policy rate at 26 percent
Interest rates to go up …as IMF demands policy rate hike
BOG very likely to raise Monetary Policy Rate
Barclays bank Ghana slams sale reports as ‘speculation’
GhIPSS to deploy more Point of Sales devices
The way forward for microfinance
Investors lap up govt’s Treasury bonds
IMF cash will boost investor confidence-Mona Quartey
Mixed reaction over calls for devaluation of cedi
BoG confident about halting cedi fall
Investors panic over min. capital for JVs
ECOWAS Single Currency: Let's devalue currencies-Veep
Assets of fraudulent microfinance companies to be seized to pay depositors
Inflation now at 17.7 percent
Capital gains tax shocks GSE …as fear of investors’ exodus hits the mkt
Government suspends collection of 1% tax in interests
Gov’t sacrifices growth for more revenue
GAMC calls for clear-cut policy to define micro-finance operations in Ghana
BoG likely to liquidate DKM over nonpayment of depositors funds
Ghanaian companies highest contributors to banks NPLs -BoG report
GRA holds forum on income tax law
Bank of Ghana reviewing microfinance companies
Ghana’s first bond for 2016 slightly undersubscribed
MD of ADB Stephen Kpordzih resigns
Bank of Ghana to intensify supervisory role
New public investment policy unveiled
Barclays fined $13.75m by US regulators
IMF set January 13 for Ghana review
BoG urges RCBs to pay extra attention to good corporate governance
GhIPSS commends banks on electronic payment agenda
Gov’t drafts new Public Financial Management Bill
Banking industry shows strong growth
Banking stocks to recover next year after poor show on GSE
Financial literacy key to economic dev’t
Bank of Ghana to sanction illegal FNGOs
GSE attributes market’s poor performance to difficult economic environment
Cedi poised for a decline if Fed rate increases
US Fed raises interest rates by 0.25 %
GhIPSS deploys 635 gh-link hybrid POSes
Interest payments shoot up by 330% in 4yrs
2016 Eurobond to attract significantly high yield
Irish investors look to Ghana
High interest rate makes lending riskier
GRA urges voluntary tax compliance in Ghana
November inflation shoots up to 17.6 percent
Tough times ahead as Wampah hints at policy rate hike
GDP: Agric drops 12.8%
BoG to implement Basel II/III in 2017
Bankers cry for start-ups over cedi instability
GRA retrieves GHc107m from “delinquent” tax payers
BOG to fully implement Basel II & III framework by 2017
IMF adds China’s yuan to basket of top currencies
5-year cedi bond slightly oversubscribed
Cedi to end year at GH¢4 to a dollar
Financial inclusion critical for young people – WB
BoG to face parliament over sinking fund row
GhIPSS urges public to adopt electronic payments
Govt to issue 5 year treasury bond
Use capital market to address infrastructural deficit
Economy slips to 14th in Africa
Banks battle for deposits
Use capital market to address infrastructural deficit
GhIPSS records 10 billion cedis in interbank transfers
Banks cut credit lines bad loans rise
Govt introduces tax credits to reduce losses from tax exemptions
Bank of Ghana increases policy rate
Congress of African economists begins
BoG to stabilize Ghana cedi in 2016
GHC1.6b lost to tax exemptions
Analysts bet on MPC rate-hold
Terkper assures …economy will rebound next year
October inflation remain unchanged at 17.4 %
Let’s encourage intra-African trade – GIPC
GRA upbeat about revenue growth
BoG urged to relax savings and loans regulations
UT bank’s COO to be named as new CEO of the bank
PEF explores new financing scheme
BoG urged to relax savings and loans regulations
Investor confidence in Ghana rising
Finance minister reacts to IMF's rating of Ghana
Cedi depreciation drives away benefit from declining oil prices
Don’t paint microfinance companies as needless; Ghanaians advised
AGI sets up industrial fund to support SMEs
Banks move to freeze granting of new loans
Statistical Service to rebase 3 economic indices
Mobile money holds huge potential for Ghana
2016 budget: Businesses to lose tax exemptions
Beware of charlatan microfinance companies
2016 budget presentation pushed to November 13
BoG must consider reducing policy rate – Turkson
GhIPSS embarks on Direct Credit campaign
Barclays Bank names new CEO
PPI boost for inflation, interest rates
JICA, NBSSI launch project to flourish businesses
Ghana down by two places in latest World Bank doing business report
Inflation drops to 3.7 percent in September
Bankers endorse BoG move to increase capital limit
Amended securities law by Dec.
Terkper plots Eurobond return; plans additional US$500m
Cedi to consolidate gains
Cashless economy promotes banking floats
DKM Microfinance faces sanctions from BoG
Government pays 24.5 percent on new three year bond issued
Ghanaian among winners of 2015 Entrepreneur for the World Award
Bank customers urged to stop misapplying credit facilities
AfDB funds SMEs to list on GAX
Gold rises as euro reclaims ground ahead of ECB
Banks must ponder merger -- Banker
Government to issue ¢1.5b bond Thursday
World Bank speaks on issuance of US$400m guarantee for Eurobond
SMEs,entrepreneurs find new haven
Efficient mobile financial services will reduce banking cost
Inflation rate shoots up marginally to 17.4 percent in September
Eurobond cash to hit BoG account tomorrow
Banks urged to stop demanding collateral
Financial institutions to roll out products at Cedi Exhibition
Ghana's Eurobond over-subscribed by 100%
Govt confirms raising $1 billion in fourth Eurobond
Financial institutions to roll out products during Ghana Cedi Exhibition
Could cedi be the biggest casualty in Eurobond delay?
Banks urged to collaborate with Telcos for financial inclusion
Investors ditch Ghana’s fourth Eurobond
Govt ends fourth Eurobond road show
Ghana falls 8 places in latest global competiveness report
GSE still in fever mood
Rural banks challenged to create new products
Interest rates to shoot up as BoG hikes policy rate
Ghana gets green light to raise bonds without WB guarantee
No directive to DKM Microfinance not to pay interest on deposits - BoG
Ghana cedi begins appreciating against US dollar
Market for government bonds launched
T-bills rate reaches 6-mth high
BoG to approve license for military to run financial institution
Producer price inflation falls to 4.4% in August
Interest rates will soon reach 42% - Chamber of Commerce
SMEs urged to apply standards
Second phase of Single Spine will link productivity to pay - Terkper
Cost of borrowing to go up as BoG moves to check inflation
Gov’t set to review tax exemptions to some businesses
Erratic inflation stoking short-term-debt demand -- report
MoneyGram expands mobile money choices in Africa
Govt begins Eurobond roadshow from September 22
BoG puts banks under special audit
Bank of Ghana increases policy rate to 25 percent
Financial strength of NBFIs worries Wampah
BoG unfreezes all accounts of DKM microfinance
Mixed views over whether BoG will maintain policy rate
Finance houses must meet minimum capital requirement
Gov't to begin Eurobond road show after Sept 18th
3.5% growth target doubtful -- ISSER
Govt cancels bond issue on grim outlook
Minimum capital for microfinance companies won’t be reduced-BoG
ECOWAS will not meet single currency deadline – Bankers
Minimum capital for microfinance companies won’t be reduced-BoG
ECOWAS will not meet single currency deadline – Bankers
Govt cancels bond issue on grim outlook
Ghana up three places in latest Global Competitiveness Report
GIPC woos local entrepreneurs
Create mobile money department at BoG - Bankers
120 SMEs to receive business linkage support
IMF to commence second review of Ghana in October
Analysis: Cedi appreciation could reduce cost of living
Bankers welcome BoG’s approval of Islamic banking in Ghana
Create mobile money department at BoG - Bankers
PPI dramatically reduces to 10.6% in July
Technology to define future of banking
BoG chases microfinance directors
ECOBANK emerges 2014 Bank of the Year
BoG increases dollar supply onto the market
IMF reviews Ghana’s performance for possible release of $114 million
Issuance of Ghana’s 5 year treasury bond postponed
‘Quality investment will bridge IMF obligations’
Cedi will stabilize -Bankers
China’s economic slowdown likely to affect Ghana
Banks must adapt to changing technology - PwC Survey
BoG to increase capital requirement for Banks based on risk undertaken
Ghana could get first Islamic Bank before end of year
MFIs tasked to lead financial inclusion agenda
Micro-finance sector assets hit GH¢1.2bn
'Gov’t will support financial services sector’
We have dollars; Banks move to dampen speculation
BoG attributes cedi depreciation to activities of speculators
FDIs must be socially responsible – GIPC boss
Economists endorse IMF fiscal council proposal for Ghana
GhiPSS launches E-commerce breakthrough
Gov't narrows fiscal deficit
50 Micro-Finance Companies licenses to be revoked
Cedi crashes against major foreign currencies
BoG warns institutions promising unsustainable interest rates
GIPC launches 2013/14 Ghana Club 100 awards
Stock Brokers sensitised on West African Capital Markets
GhIPSS launches two payment services
Good record keeping guarantees credit – GCB Bank
Minister woos investors into mining industry
36 Ghanaian entrepreneurs aim to create 10 million jobs in 10 years
Finance houses seek unified front to fight challenges
Local ATM cards now functional for online transactions
Devaluation of China’s currency to worsen cedi’s troubles
No VAT on mobile electronic payments-Gov’t confirms
BoG, Bankers Association plan GH¢200m SME Fund
GhIPSS to launch online payment gateway
No VAT on mobile electronic payments-Gov’t confirms
Government set to borrow GHC25bn through bonds and T bills
Inflation rises to 17.9 percent
Gov’t to issue GH¢500 million bond in August
Cedi hope rises on expected US$4bn inflows
BoG adjusts monetary policy rate at 24%
Cedi’s slide worsens
BoG urges banks to mitigate risks
Tough business environment hits bank profits
Market should lead consolidation -- Banker
BoG committed to stabilising the cedi – Dr Asiamah
‘Financial sector needs more indigenous IT companies’
Foreign currency deposits grow
Producer Price Inflation for June stands at 23.1%
GRA educates public on benefits of voluntary tax payment
Societe Generale denies money laundering allegations
Government gets GH¢18.11 million dividend from GCB
Fixed income market begins in August
Moves to reduce pressure on cedi and boost exports
Use banks as bridge-financiers – SEC boss
Govt adopts mid-year measures to consolidate gains
More hope for cedi as BoG eyes $8bn buffer
Gov’t to issue $1.5 billion Eurobond – Minister
Finance Minister presents mid-year review to Parliament next week
Microfinance industry recapitalization will call for mergers – GAMC
Cedi’s recovery will be sustained-BoG boss
ADB IPO injunction is a good omen for Ghana’s capital market - SEC
MPC maintains policy rate at 22 percent
Inflation moves up to 17.1%
Income Tax regime to be overhauled
BoG issues new Mobile Money guidelines
14th Ghana Banking Awards slated for August 29
Cedi will continue to gain value in coming weeks- currency analyst
SEC wants specific companies listed as a national policy
Cedi revival ushers MPC meeting
BoG warns Banks
GRA encourages taxpayers to re-register
Cedi gains most since Feb. on expected bond inflows
World Bank Supports Economy With $500m
BoG increases minimum capital requirement of rural banks and microfinance companies
Cedi on recovery path
Barclays bank sacks CEO
Foreign currency hoarders begin releasing cash
BoG takes steps to protect depositors …quadruple stated capital of rural banks, MFIs
Interest in GAX on the rise
New World Bank Country Director for Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone
Cedi records biggest gain in 2015
Ghana to hold risk management seminar
We have enough dollars to support the cedi – BoG
Ghana ready to set up Export and Import Bank
Country Director for World Bank Ghana bows out
World Bank to approve $400m as guarantee for Ghana’s Eurobond
Greece debt crisis: Global stock markets slide
Prepare for online payment boom – GhIPSS advices businesses
Go beyond T-bills -- Spio tells banks
BoG to release $20 million daily to stabilise cedi
New GIPC Act attracts more manufacturing companies
Cabinet approves Consolidated Securities Industry Bill
BoG bemoans businesses’ over-reliance on loans
Ghana’s investment Act questioned
Banks warned: Cheque fraud on the rise
BoG increases supply of dollars to stem cedi fall
Ghana/Italy approves list of 99 investment proposals
AU to harmonise economic policies
Cedi loses value against major currencies
Producer Price Inflation falls to 19% in May
GDP soars by 4.1 per cent in first quarter
Cedi loses value against major currency
IEA calls for laws to ensure fiscal discipline
Arab world’s biggest bourse opens to foreigners
EU cash to save cedi
EU resumes budgetary support to Ghana
EU, Ghana to establish Standards Accreditation Body
‘Establish development banks for direct investments’
Ghana's consumer inflation edges up to 16.9 pct in May
Banks are too comfortable …with T-bills et al– Veep
Gov’t moves to check excessive borrowing
Gov’t alone can’t provide for Ghana’s infrastructure needs
Ghana to seek approval from IMF to issue fourth Eurobond
Gov’t, financial institutions to support SMEs
SMEs schooled on procurement plans, tender notices
BoG turns down appeal of DKM microfinance customers
BoG trades off interest rates to save falling cedi
Invest in Africa hosts business forum for SMEs
WB supports public finance management
Insurance industry to see consolidations
Opportune time for corporate bonds
American investors to ‘flood’ Ghana soon
Surging utility prices, weak cedi push producer inflation up to 19.5%
GSE's new fixed Income market to take off from June
Bankers resist lending rates cap
April PPI sees slight increase to 19.5 per cent
Maintain competitive environment to attract investors
Cedi loses 44% value in 17 months
BoG pays 23.47% yield for 3-year bond
T-bills dealing law needed for banks -- Dr. Amoah
Ecobank Group named African retail bank of the year
GRA exceeds revenue targets due to tax reforms
Dollar hits four cedis
‘Banks must help stop cheque fraud’
The economy should stabilize in a year's time - Mona Quartey
Public finance management reform in Ghana receives World Bank support
Banks to acquire shares in GHIPPS
Finance Minister to present State of the Economy
Govt set to issue 630m cedis bond Thursday
Banks to acquire shares in GHIPPS
VAT on financial services yields positive results
Reduction in interest rates depends on gov’t – BoG
UK to release over £100m frozen funds to Ghana from July
BoG raises rate to curb cedi fall
BoG tightens financial sector regulations
Securities Depository posts strong results
Ghana considers joining Asian bank – Spio-Garbrah
Banks must stop buying T Bills -ISSER
Customers besiege microfinance in demand of deposits
MPC to hold policy rate at 21%
Ghana to leave interest rates on hold on Wednesday
Banks could be compelled to lower cost -BoG Governor hints
European Business Organisation launched
Ghana's Central Securities Depository to get new platform
‘BoG would address issues in the industry’
ADB to list on stock exchange despite workers protest
Fight against high interest rates misplaced
T-bills rate slide persists
Fight against high interest rates misplaced
Ghana to get $900m from donor partners
‘Interest rates will continue rising’
Local banks demand support from policymakers
T-bills rate slide persists
We need an Inter Fund-Managers Market – MET Capital CEO
SSNIT pays 4,864 pensioners lump sums
Forum on high cost of credit to be held in Accra
Ghana’s economy grew by 4 percent in 2014
‘Let’s train more professionals in insurance’
Gov’t affirms commitment to support business community
Investors keen on Ghana’s bonds; Analysts raise concerns
Ghana advised to join Asian Bank
BoG institutes measures to enhance corporate governance in banks
Ghana is investment destination – Ambassador
Banks pledge support to SMEs
Suit against BoG to be decided July 22
IMF Report: Second tranche of bailout cash to be in by July
GSE gets first listing by educational institution next month
HFC appoints Robert Le-Hunte as new MD
GSE gets first listing by educational institution next month
BoG to issue another domestic bond
Gov’t borrows Ghc400m from 3-Yr bond issuance
Big shots in HFC bank sell shares
IMF bailout not enough to curb Cedi’s free-fall
HFC bank MD part ways with the bank
IMF boss hopeful Ghana's donor partners will release frozen funds
IMF: Ghana could be HIPC by end of 2015
Tumbling Cedi ….Analysts fear worst yet to come
Growth in sub-Saharan Africa to slow in 2015
Growth in sub-Saharan Africa to slow in 2015
Investment schemes mobilise GH¢494.6m
Microfinance viable option to mop up financial needs
Insurance for sub-regional investments in the offing
Ghana to earn $230m from digital migration
Interest in pooled investor schemes CISs funds hit GH¢500m
Gov't to issue US$1bn Eurobond by end of June
IMF cash to hit BoG account today
Banks assessment for awards will be rigorous — CIG
‘Improve supervision to check widespread scandals in banking sector’
Expert rejects BoG's 15-year term limit for bank MDs
Financial institutions to be levied….to support NHIA
Republic Bank makes mandatory offer to HFC shareholders; offer ends May 7
SSNIT urges employees to monitor pension contributions
Farmers appeal to financial institutions for flexible loans
Bank rates go up as cedi falls further
Preparations kick-start for 14th Ghana Banking Awards
Start-up businesses spring up in Africa – WFA survey
Common ECOWAS Tariff set for July 2. ...but revenue target may fall
Local ATM card holders to enjoy new services via hybrid
We are guided by international standards – GSS
South Korea to invest $1.5 million to improve transportation
Developing countries lose $100b yearly through tax avoidance – UNCTAD
Ghana's GH¢440m 5-yr bond oversubscribed, yield at 21%
‘IMF corrected inaccuracies in govt's economic data’
Investing in Africa is safe
Cedi's fall gains momentum
SEC clears way for HFC takeover …as Republic lays out African strategy
‘Govt’s incessant borrowing threatens stability of banking industry’
Cedi’s troubles will end this month – Mona Quartey
Finance Ministry downplays negative impact of Fitch, Moody's ratings
Fitch keeps Ghana's sovereign rating at 'B' with negative outlook
ADB gets SEC approval to begin IPO
Terkper seeks more foreign aid
Cedi on free fall again
Microfinance companies to be hit by mergers and acquisitions
‘Access capital market for growth’
Payment initiatives present business opportunities – GhIPSS
Gov't begins preparation for 2016 Budget
BoG dispels rumours it is printing new notes
Gov’t cuts spending by GH¢1.5bn
BoG to implement GH¢1 million capital requirement for microfinance
GIPC engineers over US$ 1.5bn investment into Ghana
2,690 public sector salaries suspended over questionable payroll documents
Inflation now at 16.5 per cent
Republic Bank settles GH¢1 million SEC fine
BoG to implement GH¢1 million capital requirement for microfinance
Gov’t dumps 2015 budget… presents new one tomorrow
Republic bank denies breaching takeover code
SSNIT drops plans to hold EGM
Cedi bows to dollar but shines against euro, others
Amissah- Arthur confident of IMF deal
Republic Bank fined GH¢1m for takeover breach
BoG blacklists 108 microfinance firms for closure
Banks with best deposit requirement for dollar accounts in Ghana
Develop local competence to attract investments—GIPC boss
Barclays Bank rules out listing on GSE despite gov't pressure
2015 budget likely to be reviewed next month
BoG to shut down 40 illegal microfinance firms
Over 2000 Chinese companies investing in Africa – Council
Producer Price Inflation decreased in January
Investors who took a gamble on Ghana rewarded
Ghana, IMF agree on $1b bailout deal – Report
Cedi stability is hinged on a reduction in deficit - Economist
SEC moves to compel multinationals to list on stock exchange
Over 20 rural and community banks on the verge of collapse?
Gov't likely to close negotiations with IMF before February 26 deadline
IMF ‘clueless’ about when deal with Ghana will be sealed
Gov’t secures lower than expected yield on 3yr bond
BoG to compel govt to spend within budget
IMF hopes to conclude discussions with Ghana by February 26
Banks tighten credit for SMEs
BoG might be forced to appoint new directors for HFC bank
Banking industry ends 2014 on firm note – BoG
Bank of Ghana holds policy rate at 21 percent
Cedi depreciates by 31.2% in 2014 – BoG
Government adds GH?10bn to public debt in 4 months
Consumer sentiments continue to improve – BoG
Sub-Saharan Africa records 4.8% growth in 2014 – BoG
BoG monitors banks’ e-zwich compliance
BoG Policy Rate will be maintained – Economist
Cheques transactions shoot up to GH¢73 billion
Cheques transactions shoot up to GH¢73bn
NPRA resolves headache of retiring workers
IMF team arrives in Accra on Wednesday as bailout talks near completion
SSNIT collects GH¢1.16 billion from contributors in 2013
First MPC meeting for 2015 takes off today
Credit unions asked to increase education on financial literacy
Inflation rate fell to 16.4 per cent in January
Fraudsters take aim at banks
HFC confirms February 17 date to remove three directors
Finalize IMF deal or cedi will suffer – Economist
Taskforce to work on establishment of an Exim Bank
Anxiety over Eco currency deepens
Call for revised budget intensifies
Finalize IMF deal or cedi will suffer – Economist
Weak cedi, energy challenges choke economy
Ghana’s leading finance experts to be honoured
Council to meet on capital market integration next month
SMEs seek extension of NBSSI/JICA BDS project
BoG, 2 other bodies to enhance collateral registry
US$100 million bond holds back power-barges
MoneyGram reaches 25,000 locations across Africa
BoG urged to encourage efficient RCBs to do more
Government sets new date for possible IMF programme
SIC brouhaha reaches BoG, Finance Ministry
Gov’t to decouple Economic Planning from Finance Ministry
AGI demands timelines on dumsor …as manufacturing sees negative 8% growth in 2014
Controller justifies increased service charges for Insurance Companies
2015 expected to be positive year for Equity Capital Markets activity in Africa: PwC Report
SIC boss sacked
Cedi to improve on 2014 performance
SIC embezzlement scandal worrying – Insurers Association
Businesses criticise govt's GH¢25billion 6-month bond issue
Economy still resilient—Mona Quartey
PPI for December 2014 dropped by 3.4%
Economy still resilient—Mona Quartey
Banks must pool resources to finance port projects
GhIPSS extends boundaries for 'cashless' shopping
BoG shores up currency as Cedi shows early signs of weakening
GRA to collect GH¢21.98 billion revenue
Banks must develop pro-poor policies and products — Rev. Amenu
HFC EGM: Republic Bank and SSNIT form alliance
Ghana faces potential revenue fall in 2015 - Terkper
Don’t deal with unlicensed loans companies – GHASALC
Microfinance industry to consolidate recovery process in 2015
BoG moves to curb cedi’s marginal dip in value
Fiscal imbalance in economy must be addressed – Dr Gatsi
Daily minimum wage now GHC 7
Commodity exchange will come alive this year : Ricketts-Hagan
Debt crisis looms, economist warns
Cedi staggers against major currencies
Customers urged to demand local ATM cards from banks
Education on 17.5% VAT weak -- Bankers
Banks rip-off customers …make 1000% profit for express cheques
Ghana’s exchange rate challenge: can we ever get out of it?
SSNIT halts plans to remove board directors of HFC
Gov’t can sustain Single Spine Stature – Terkper
Inflation ends 2014 at 17 per cent
Economic growth lowest in 5 yrs …expands 4.2% in 2014
Outmuscled! …Interest rate hikes to pile more pressure on businesses
Global economic prospects to improve this year – World Bank
A dollar to sell for GH¢4.20 by end of 2015 – StanChart report
'Revenue collection targets challenging but achievable'
Cedi starts depreciating against US dollars
GRA boss sets records straight on 17.5% tax on financial services
Counterfeiting takes toll on economy
Cheap funds for SMEs
SEC dismisses “Concert Party “trading against Republic Bank
BoG urged to review commercial laws
Fitch warns: cedi could start depreciating from January
Gov’t expends US$191m of Eurobond proceeds
HFC Bank has new chairperson
Inflation hits 17 percent
Cedi case adjourned again
Finance Ministry dismisses Minority allegations over $1bn Eurobond proceeds
SSNIT, NPRA haggle
New ATM fraud hits Ghana
Terkper regrets rising tax burden
BoG approves Fidelity Bank’s acquisition of ProCredit Ghana
Bank promotions are not unlawful-NLA
Ghana’s pension industry has huge potential -Metropolitan Insurance
Nigeria’s naira falls to record low
Cedi fall had its positives – BoG Dep Governor
President of World Bank Group arrives today
NPRA begins pension funds transfer
Wage bill reduced by 13% after clearing 'ghost names' - Mona Quartey
IEA disagrees with gov't on tax expansion approach
GCB to become largest acquirer of cards - MD
Zenith Bank adjudged "Bank of the Year Ghana" at 2014 Banker Awards
Interest rates strangle private enterprises
Invest in reliable data to enhance data collection - expert counsels
Deputy Finance Minister clarifies 17.5% tax on financial services
Ghana likely to secure IMF programme in May
Big deal for insurers …Ghana Gas insured for US$801m
Economy to rake in GH¢986m revenues
Economy to rake in GH¢986m revenues
2015 Budget echoes harsh IMF policies -- TUC
SSNIT to sell shares in HFC bank
High interest rates killing business – PEF
2015 budget would stabilise Ghana’s economy - Mona Quartey
‘MFIs need proper supervision’
Implement sound economic policies – Duffuor
Ghana gets first cedi corporate bond listing
Bank of Ghana takes shot at stubborn inflation
BoG increases policy rate to 21%
October inflation hits 16.9 percent
GNPC to issue corporate bonds next year to support operations
Stock market not reflective of economy -- GSE Boss
BoG to maintain policy rate …despite cedi stability
Banks resort to raffle to raise cash
Govt officials urged to promote country’s investment potential
‘Intensify Public Education On Stock Trading’
FDI figures for Ghana hit 1.3 billion dollars in September
Gov’t eyes GH¢30.2 billion revenue in 2015
Bankers predict cedi stability
Republican win could derail reforms in IMF
GSE monthly performance; Aluworks tops all in October
StanChart to limit lending to businesses
Review directive on loan write-off – CAL Bank boss tells BoG
Banks tighten credit stance
How instant inter-bank transfers can transform consumer banking
Avoid investing in Ponzi schemes — SEC
SMEs remain marginalised on funding – GCB boss
Interest rates on T-bills still high despite cedi stability
BoG warns Non-Bank Financial Institutions over wholesale funds
‘Tax regime in Ghana weak’
How 20 banks shared 36 awards and left 6 banks dry
Procurement law needs strengthening
Audit Service autonomy at risk
Trading over the internet - an emerging trend?
Banking Awards to recognize e-zwich active banks
Producer Price Inflation decreases
Collapse of micro finance companies blamed on journalists
BoG disagrees with analysts on T’Bills
BOPP,ETI & Mega Africa lead gainers on GSE
Financial system not well understood
Inflation to end 2014 at 17%
BOPP,ETI & Mega Africa lead gainers on GSE
GIPC to eliminates bureaucracies
Ghana's credit ratings downgraded to B-
Government defiant on pension cash
President Mahama appeals for partnership in infrastructural development
5 ministries waste 246.5 million Ghana cedis in 3 years
Poor liquidity management skills affect microfinancing
Financial securities players happy with sector regulation
Mahama leads investment drive in UK as GIPC entices investors
Banks urged to ease pressure on recovery of loans
IMF can't solve Ghana's challenges --Stanchart head of research
Poor investor education affects capital market growth - SEC
Major donor backs Ghana-IMF talks
This is the best time to invest in Africa-Obasanjo
SEC urges GIPC to woo portfolio investors
92% of companies in Ghana are SMES – BASTIAT Ghana report
Prices of Petroleum Products to be reduced by 2 percent from tomorrow
Ecobank introduces premier banking service
IMF returns in Nov. for 3rd round of talks
Ghana seeks long-term investors
Inflation hits 16.5%
Ghana’s economy needs extra work – IMF
Speakers advocate moves to retain chunk of FDI inflows
Barclays Africa Group appoints Ghanaian to board
IMF boss warns Ghana, others over excessive bonds issue
New IMF report says Ghana's public debt unsustainable
Ghc3.2bn lost to tax exemptions
Joburg Stock Exchange launches new range of African currency futures
IMF to decide 2015 budget focus
Parliament approves $812m new loans
GRA to review tax exemptions granted to companies
2015 budget remains focused despite IMF negotiations - gov't assures
Ghana needs real investments to give returns to investors
BoG tasks Savings & Loans companies
Cedi could come under pressure by end of year – Expert
Banks urged to educate customers in trade finance
MFIs credit bureau on course
BoG optimistic about single-digit inflation
Cedi is not appreciating – Casely-Hayford
Single Spine to be fully applied in 2015 – Terkper
BoG & GRA to bite hard in likely IMF program
Prices of goods, services still high despite cedi rebound
Bank of Ghana to eliminate unregistered micro-finance groups
IMF bailout only temporary relief
Bank earning to slow down
Patronize Microinsurance - NIC urges Ghanaians
Insurers see 80% dip in premium income
Lack of fiscal data stalls budget transparency
All set for ADB to list on GSE
New Pension scheme drying up SSNIT coffers
National Financial Literacy week launched
German Development Bank enlarges portfolio in Ghana
Trade Ministry suspends implementation of conformity assessment program
Lack of fiscal data stalls budget transparency
PPI hits 48.3%
Govt to issue communiqué on IMF negotiations
Eurobond will raise enough revenue – Tekper
Revised forex rules did not flop-BoG
Cedi recovering against major currencies
GTBank signs US$20m term facility with FMO …for on-lending to businesses
Exports revenue reduce
President Mahama holds discussions with MCC Chief Executive
Bond Savings and Loans targets banking license by 2017
Banks chase more Treasury bills
Ebola: Economic Impact Could Be “Catastrophic” – World Bank
AMSCO, WTC holds conference on human capital development
Bank of Ghana keeps policy rate at 19 percent
BOG to roll out consumer protection law
IMF confirms negotiations with Ghana could run into October
BDCs talk tough on debt recovery
Ghana Commercial Bank unveils new brand
Employers reject new pension scheme
Insurers earn GH¢1.02billion in 2013
Fuel prices to be maintained
Decision time…Gov’t, IMF bailout talks start tomorrow
COCOBOD signs $1.7 b trade finance facility
Ghana issues third Eurobond
Social benefits make taxes attractive
Banks to cannibalise savings and loans
Turbulent times ahead for banks -- PwC warns
Finance Minister breathes hope into economy
Four gains end four-week slide
Inflation rate hits 15.9 per cent in August
BoG to offload shares in ADB by year end
Ghanaian banks not making enough profit
FirstRand on track to open bank in Ghana
Leave banks alone! - HFC boss tells BoG
Utility tariffs likely to go up from next month
Kwesi Botchwey to lead IMF talks
BoG commences MPC meetings
Short-term contracts are the best -- BoG executive
SEC courts VRA to capital market
Businesses must audit their financial statements
Ghanaian companies win $5.8 million oil contracts
MP accuses BoG of massaging exchange rates
Advisory Group must stick to roadmap -- Amissah-Arthur
Returns on Treasury bills affecting bank deposits
Fidelity bank,ProCredit merger sparks new ‘craze’ in banking industry
Consumers’ purchasing power drops
More job losses in first half
Govt urged to focus on cocoa sector in IMF negotiations
OBG signs MoU with GNPC
‘Entrepreneurship goes beyond industrial internship’
‘Entrepreneurship goes beyond industrial internship’
Fidelity Bank acquires ProCredit
Senchi Implementation Advisory Group must stick to roadmap - Amissah-Arthur
Macroeconomic stability: Do we 'eat' inflation?
Singapore gov’t to train Ghanaians in oil and gas
Gov't loses US$50m to fraudsters
Ghana's Cedi steadies after falling nearly 40%
GT Bank Group half year profit dips
IMF bailout team storms Ghana this week
BoG lending to government ‘abnormal’
Producer Price Inflation rises to 47.4 per cent in July
Investors urged to be ethical
IMF's Christine Lagarde 'under investigation'
Govt's overrun for first half of year hits GH¢ 4.8 billion
Director-General of Securities and Exchange Commission honoured
First Global PPP Conference ends
Rewrite financial investment rules
Ghanaian, Chinese businesses to boost trade
Weak cedi blamed for GSE’s woes
UBA Group appoints Tony Elumelu as Chairman
Enyan Denkyira bank makes significant gains
World leaders, business executives to meet on climate change
SAP to invest US$500m in Africa
BoG Dep. Gov. pushes local consumption agenda
AFB rewards 10,000th card holder
BoG trades oil funds in outdated fashion
Ghana's Official inflation and exchange rate data are not credible – Bawumia
Gov't appoints PwC as advisors for new national airline
Ghana Standards Authority to intensify import checks with new GCAP
Ghana’s economic growth is enviable, World Bank
Petroleum hedging starts Sept. 1
13th Ghana Banking Awards slated for Sept 13
BoG bars MFIs from name-change
First tranche of MCA grant ready by mid-2015
IMF team in town to hold talks on bailout
Cedi can be saved – Currency analyst
IMF & MCA necessary but insufficient – Bernard Avle
BoG bars Micro Finance Companies from name changes
New BoG rules excite mobile money vendors
BoG warns MFIs on ‘unsustainable’ interest rates
Interest rates hit 5-year record
StanChart presents National Payment Strategy to BoG
Global Investment Bankers seek quality services for SMEs
Yale Professor calls for scrapping of Cedi as legal tender
‘Insurance penetration will increase’
GhIPPS wants policy to curb cash usage
Business confidence at record low
Cedi woes open BoG’s eyes to country’s tourism potential
Ghana-US sign $498m compact as ECG management set to be outsourced
Public urged to cultivate saving habits
IMF will demand structural reforms for bailout – Kofi Arkaah
Mahama explains IMF decision
Obama changing US approach on Africa to investment
Reversing redenomination will be economic suicide – Kwaku Kwarteng
World’s worst currency drops as Ghana pulls back from IMF aid
Illicit transfers not cause of depreciation – Analyst
Inflation, cedi depreciation to shoot-up 3-year bond coupon
Banks urged to support productive sectors
Devise strategies to boost foreign exchange – Amissah Arthur
AGI challenges industry to make best out of falling cedi
BOG intensifies regulation of Microfinance institutions
Bumpy road ahead -- A Mid-Year Review Analysis
UNICOF vows to oppose introduction of VAT on banking services
Market volatility stalls corporate bond growth
Address concerns raised on EPA – Dr. Ibn Chambas
Veep releases Senchi Report
BoG ordered to respond to cedi case
Producer price inflation hits 33.1 % y-on-y
Toughen up or go to IMF ...IEA tells gov’t
Invest in Africa pushes for local mining investment
‘CSR can’t solve our problems’ – PEF boss
Cocoa loan, bond unlikely to revive cedi
Local investors out-muscled in PPPs
Gov’t to raise GH¢17b through domestic bonds, treasury bills
Ivorian bond attracts strong investor demand
Cedi depreciation an opportunity— BoG
Ghana’s GDP falls below projected figure for 2013
Investment awards slated for July 26
Chinese asking for too much oil - Finance Minister explains abandoned $1.5bn CBN loan
Statement: Supplementary Estimates for 2014
Government targets $5 billion export revenue by 2017
Mid-year budget review today: Seth Terkper to ask for more, despite collecting less
Barclays named ‘Best Bank in Ghana’ at 2014 Euromoney Awards
GhIPSS introduces hybrid point of sale device
‘BoG ill-equipped to reverse falling cedi, rising inflation’
Invest in Africa to address skills gap in SMEs
BoG wants control over payment systems
Finance Minister presents mid-year review of 2014 budget Wednesday
13th Ghana Banking Awards launched
Inflation up to 15 per cent
ICU says no to re-introduction of 17 ½ VAT
Investors dote on financial stocks
Bank of Ghana increases lending rate to 19%
AGI?backs suspension of VAT?on financial services
Cedi fails to sustain recovery
Time to turn to Singapore - Private-sector players told
Mobile banking numbers to exceed online banking by 2019
Cedi still struggling, 5 months after forex rules
GSE records gains in 2013
GSE records gains in 2013
Gov't to outline new measures to address revenue shortfalls
SSNIT contributor calls for amendment of new Pension Scheme Act 766
Ghana Stock Exchange holds 24th AGM
adb gets cabinet approval to list on stock exchange
GDP growth slows in Q1 of 2014
Moody's downgrades GCB Bank to B2 from B1
BOG to commence MPC meetings
Ghana still attractive despite economic challenges - analysts
Business confidence at its lowest
Organized Labour to strike over pension funds
ETI tops all on GSE
GhIPSS to introduce instant Interbank payment system
Government challenges Moody's negative downgrade on economy
Ghana top 3 favourable Africa countries for investment
Gov’t suspends implementation of 17.5% VAT
Increased access for e-zwich cards
Minerals export declined to US$4.7billion in 2013
Gov’t broke BoG’s forex rules – Financial analyst
Union mounts pressure on govt to withdraw VAT on financial services
GUTA is acting in bad faith – Trade Ministry
Go to IMF for bailout – Economist to gov’t
Domestic economy to remain subdued– Merban Stockbrokers
Ghana's economic prospects still good - Kwame Pianim
Finance workers to embark on strike over VAT on banking services
Chamber of Mines dispute offshore account claims
UK to help Ghana tackle economic challenges – Envoy
Two shareholders of HFC move to halt bank's takeover by Republic
Minority threatens court action over new VAT on financial services
No more automatic adjustment of salary – Terkper
Ghana ranked 4th top investment destination in Africa – Report
Ghana ranked 4th top investment destination in Africa – Report
GRA introduces transparent system at ports
Gov’t seeks to reduce public sector wage bill over 3yrs
Public sector workers to be paid via E-zwich by August
First National gets nod to operate as commercial bank
IMF welcomes forex review
MasterCard to work with stakeholders in electronic payment systems
We only borrowed to Government -BoG tells Fitch
High imports impacting inflation rate
Ghana is a victim of its own success - Wampah
BoG backs down on microfinance freeze
BoG turns to Yuan to save troubled cedi
Israeli businesses in Ghana to discuss investment
Corporate governance vital for business growth
PPP law expected by close of year
New VAT to affect bank penetration rate
BoG to ease forex controls
BoG denies printing new cedi notes to fund budget deficit
Inflation rate for May hits 14.8 percent
Amissah-Arthur rubbishes Fitch report
NIC’s ‘No premium, no cover’ plays up smoothly
Payzone to support banking industry
GRA urged to be innovative in tax collection
SEC cautions financial institutions to be vigilant
Salaries are not exempt from VAT on financial services; Casely-Hayford
G7 leaders back fight against illicit financial flow
Banks feel pressured
Fitch warns BoG against printing money to fix budget deficit
Gov't to fight smuggling, counterfeiting and piracy - Haruna
Attainment of middle income status no fluke — NDPC
K.B Asante disapproves IMF bailout proposals
Midland Savings & Loans recognised for quality and innovation; gets Gold Award from IQS
Denmark to cut aid to Ghana
China has invested US$90m in Africa
Trade Minister inaugurates GIPC Board
GRA releases list of taxable financial services
Ghana living beyond its means — Kwesi Botchwey
GIPC targets $1.2m from 2014 World Cup
EPA: ECOWAS agrees to sign with EU
Eurozone inflation rate falls
IFC freezes issuance of GHC2 billion bond due to high interest rates
Market Share: Ecobank competes with GCB
BoG seeks tough measures for micro finance institutions
Gov't makes available GH¢26.4 million for SMEs
Terpker hints of third Eurobond issue in July despite IMF concerns
Bank of Ghana directs banks to offer e-zwich services at all branches
VAT on financial services unlikely to start in June
GCB prepares to charge VAT on non-core financial services
Producer Price Inflation hits 31.5%
Ghana warned on growth strategy
Govt's 3-year bonds heavily oversubscribed, but at a high cost
Beef up finance ministry -Kwesi Botchwey
Monitor govt budgets to achieve results
Ghana needs long-term investment plans – SEC boss
Forum discusses measures regulating foreign exchange use
GCB prepares to charge VAT on non-core financial services
Treasury bills impeding bank deposits
Gov’t targets tax inflow from US …as FATCA comes into force in July
Dollar & Pound close to hitting 3 & 5 cedis
Payzone poised to promote cashless society
GSE signs MoU with Mauritius
‘VAT threatens insurance industry’
Economic challenges not fatal - Kwesi Botchwey
World Bank provides $229m to boost education, health
‘Mobile banking must be properly regulated’
SSNIT orders HFC, Republic bank to ceasefire
Consider alternatives to EPA - CSO urges gov’t
BoG says rural Banks should list on the stock market
GIPC opens door to pan African trade as it engages Mauritius investors
Bank of America offers internship programme for Ghanaian students
BoG urges banks to ensure ‘clean notes'
Gov't makes big assurance to investors
High tax rates not panacea to poor revenue mobilisation
IFC delay plans to issue cedi bonds
Cedi falls, inflation rises
BoG directed to revise foreign currency measures
Exporters hold back dollar proceeds due to BoG forex control measures
Finance Minister to present a mid-year review of the 2014 budget in July
Finance Ministry begins meetings to implement outcome of National Economic Forum
Lack of proper supervision affects micro-finance companies
Banker faults 'Senchi Consensus' on BoG forex measures
Terkper ordered to review 2014 budget
AGI to independently monitor implementation of 'Senchi Consensus'
National Economic Forum proposes ceiling to government borrowing
Trade misinvoicing cost Ghana $3.86bn – Report
Private businesses must apply equity investments concept
Private sector should turn to capital market - Terkper
GIPC sensitises stakeholders on Act 865
Experts to monitor outcomes of Economic Forum
IMF policies have never worked- TUC boss
Businesses are in torment - private sector chiefs
Foreign exchange reforms not effective — IMF
Government to trim wage bill
Security and Exchanges Commission cautions Republic Bank
NCA bans Expresso for poor service quality
Business community must woo investors
Valuable Brands in Ghana to be honoured
Gov’t working to meet IMF requirements – Terkper
Ghana's dev't partners propose law to check rising fiscal deficit
Ghanaian IT firm is Best Technology Innovator in Africa
Six banks vie for Best Technology Advanced Bank
Investors satisfied with business summit
Replace foreign exchange controls - Private sector
Hope for investors on stock market
Insurance companies will pass 17.5 % VAT charge to clients
Banks improve non-performing loans ratio
Maiden Ghana SME 100 Rankings Awards launched
Cedi in worst slump since 2000
Common currency agenda may elude us - Veep
Gov't likely to avoid IMF bail-out - EIU
HFC bank boss breaks silence on bank’s takeover by Republic bank
Ghana, Zambia most at risk as deficits in Africa widen – IMF
EPA could be behind new VAT on banking services
Use your ATM cards to shop - GhIPSS
2013 Entrepreneur Awards to honour outstanding entrepreneurs
Merchant bank now Universal Merchant bank
VAT on banking services not new – Ato Forson
17.5% VAT charges on banking services won't start next month - Minister
Banks in Africa must begin to operate beyond borders - Ibrahim Mahama
US$5bn target from NTEs in limbo as tussle over EPA deepens
EU supports four bodies with €700,000
Republic Bank makes offer to HFC Bank
AGI divided over signing of EPA
Ghana signs agreement with Turkey
Demand & supply imbalances cause of cedi fall – Dr Ashong
Ghana courts IMF assistance to fix budget deficit
Ghana receives US$24 million WB support
Ghana counting on ILO’s support to promote SMEs
First National Economic Forum rescheduled
Banks urged to be upgrade their local ATMs and cards
Cabinet approves Petroleum Exploration, Production Bill
Economy grew by 4.9% in fourth quarter 2013
Gov't expects GH¢57.09m from SoEs
Euro hits 4 cedis
Ghana-Turkey joint Trade and Economic Cooperation Negotiations opens
Chamber of Commerce bemoans low patronage of China-Africa Fund
IMF Bailout will not hurt Ghana – Christine Lagarde
Ghana has potential to be commercial centre
Minimum wage negotiations in limbo
Statistical Service calls for data submission law
Gov’t to organize first national economic forum in June
Ghana’s economy records 7.1 % growth for 2013
Mahama Calls for a National Forum on the Economy
IMF advises Ghana to diversify export commodities
BoG worried over waning confidence in economy
World Bank warns Ghana over growing fiscal deficit
Chinese yuan to the rescue of troubled cedi
SSNIT contributors to undergo biometric registration
Ghana will be better off with EPA
Investments in cedis yield higher than dollars
Ghana is not the best investment destination – TUC
Finance Minister leads gov't delegation to joint IMF, World Bank meetings in Washington D.C
Prez Mahama calls for more investment in agric
Central bank survey shows decline
Banks to keep more funds in reserves
Cedi depreciated by 17.6 per cent - BoG
Budget deficit of 10.8 per cent recorded in 2013 – BoG
Ghana's public debt now Gh¢56 billion
Interest rates to increase
NBSSI launches credit scheme for small businesses
Mahama urges EU to disburse 64 million Euros budget support
Full economic recovery will take a couple of years – Tekper
Insurance no longer on credit from today
Interest rates to increase
Banks urged to change perception about agric sector
Chinese business delegation signs MoU with GIPC
IMF warns Ghana against over-reliance on foreign capital
BoG denies existence of a judgement debt account
Ghana needs Fiscal Responsibility Act - Bawumia
Over 50,000 people still owe SSNIT
Africa's lead investor, Tony Elumelu to lead energy discussion in Accra
BoG must review foreign exchange rules – IMF
Local industries urged to avoid direct competition
Goldfields plans US$182m investments
Bawumia urges BoG to reverse forex measures
ATMs face deadline to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8 before April 8
Government forced to suspend third Eurobond issue
Financial institutions must deepen relations with clients
EU-Africa summit to discuss sustainable growth
GhIPSS urges banks to upgrade ATMs
BoG to review some foreign exchange measures
Ghanaian employers flouting pensions law
Nigeria commits to increase gas supply to Ghana
EU supports West African trade with 6.5 billion Euros
Let’s face harsh reality - Seth Terkper
Ghanaians asked to demand accountability for management of generated funds
Regulator to insist on efficient funds management
GRA prepares for destination inspection takeover
BoG supports micro finance associations
Financial leakages in public sector ruining economy - economist
$3bn Chinese loan: Govt delegation in China
Business Finance Workshop for Startups
Gov’t proposes another dev’t bank as NIB fails to fly
Govt orders re-run of SIM registration
Do more for consumers - Minister entreats telcos
IT security product launched for banking industry
Global economic slowdown accounted for decline in 2013 FDI – GIPC
Investors rally to finance new Ghana Commodity Exchange
Finance Minister tasks GRA to think outside the box to meet revenue targets
State of the Nation: Ghana’s economy is sound – Mahama
No VAT on bank deposits
SEC drafts legislation for commodities exchange
Ghana recorded 19% slump in 2013 FDIs
Ghana Association of Bankers reviews banking guidelines
Between 50 and 90% of Ghanaian workers in informal sector
Payzone nominated for Africa e-Payment Award
Hotel operators urged to trade in Cedis
BoG directive triggers panic withdrawals
Only 2million pay tax
Please increase your support - President Mahama appeals to dev't partners
BoG reforms are for stability - Veep
Commodity slump cost us US$1.3bn – Veep
Inflation slips farther from govt target
Kosmos Energy expects to sell eight Jubilee crude cargoes during 2014
New VAT invoices not ready - GRA
NPRA directs trustees to withdraw investments
Performance of GSE in 2013 excellent
Veep convenes first Economic Management team meeting for 2014
World Bank forecasts Ghana’s 2014 growth rate to be 7.4%
Inflation for 2013 closes at 13.5 percent
BoG to offload shares in the ADB
Petroleum products record 6 to 19 per cent price jump
2nd tier pension helps GSE performance
Ghana boosts financial support for SME dev’t
Ghana, a big loser in $3bn Chinese loan deal - Dr. Lloyd Amoah
Gold price to go up 50%
2014 Is takeoff stage for tourism devt -Says Tourism Authority
BoG to cap microfinance licences
NPA happy with New Pension Indexation
Banking, aviation and insurance sectors roped into new VAT net
Ghana receives only $600m out of $3b China loan
New 17.5% VAT rate takes effect
GCB denies huge cash transfer reports
FDIs to Ghana decline by 26%
Third party over the counter threshold commendable — Banks
Glo down for the 5th time
SMEs to play leading role in oil and gas industry
Ghana’s economy begins to produce positive results – President Mahama - See more at:
Airlines halt operations to Tamale over severe harmattan
Ghana elected Vice-President of ACRAN
GCB, Barclays and StanChart named banks with the worst interests on deposits
BoG rates commercial banks’ interest charges
Moody’s puts negative outlook on Ghana Commercial Bank’s deposit ratings
Ex-Barclays CEO back with £150m float; plans to buy a bank in Africa
Fortiz to pursue defaulters of Merchant Bank as it completes acquisition
Mahama didn't interfere with Merchant Bank debt recovery – Ayariga
Long way to the Eco as convergence remains elusive
‘US Money Lending Company not licenced’
Ghana’s foreign reserves drop to $5.6b in November 2013
Inflation target for 2013 will be missed - BoG
Banks to suffer stiffer punishments
Ghana to open loans repayment account
Bank of Ghana launches policy reforms in banking sector
Settle boundary disputes - Afari Gyan
Ghana's public debt hits GHC46.1 billion
After 2.5% VAT: Gov’t introduces 27 fresh levies
GIZ injects 33.4 million Euros into projects
More Oil To Flow
BoG to seek review of Ghana’s Forex law to ensure transparency
Finance Ministry downplays Fitch’s fears on Ghana’s debt
United States not happy with local content bill
FAO backs solar energy drive
Next Eurobond targets at least US$1bn
FITCH predicts further increase in Ghana's public debt in 2014
President Mahama calls for effective intra-African trade
Finance Minister backs calls for stronger buffers
EU budget support for Ghana ends in 2014
IEA offers antidote to high deficit
Budget intentions good but implementation key – AGI
GRA sued for non-payment of GH¢1m consultancy fees
TUC plays double standards on controversial sale of Merchant Bank?
Newmont Ghana Pays GH¢49.6m as third quarter 2013 Tax
Private bunkering operators cry foul
Ghana Road Fund generates GH¢1.2b in ten years
Govt’s 2014 macroeconomic targets not ambitious - IEA
ACEP identifies 'misappropriation of funds' in 2014 Budget
Gov't suspends awarding of new contracts in 2013
Using private banks could undermine new GHC50 million SME Fund - Economist
President Mahama appoints new CEO for EDAIF
Ghana plans $15.5b spending in 2014 fiscal year
Ministry, foreign oil companies to discuss local content law
2014 Budget silent on employment, inflation – TUC
Mixed reaction on budget
Gov't suspends awarding of new contracts in 2013
2014 Budget: Relevant policy initiatives for businesses, investors
Full document: 2014 Budget and Financial Statement
GGBL introduces the first ever portable manufacturing plant in Africa
2013: Ghana earns US$468m from exports of crude oil
Ghana to receive $1b to undertake energy, agric projects
World Bank, EU make $8.25b financial pledge for Africa’s Sahel region
Government needs $4bn to solve energy crisis
Ghana must show appetite for economic transformation – Lopes - See more at:
Stop widening socio-economic disparities - UN
GIFMIS to improve financial management
Tema Development Corporation to be privatised
Ghanaian industries propose special fund for local content - See more at:
Minimum Capital requirement of existing Banks won’t be increased – BoG
BoG disseminates 2012 Foreign Capital flow survey
Ghana cocoa does not face imminent ban -COCOBOD
Investors welcome utility tariff increases
TDC generated GHC 28.9 million in 2012
Insurance experts urged to address challenges
Gov’t must facilitate discussions to join ATI
MASLOC gets new Acting CEO
Ghana voted Vice Chairman of African Shippers Council
Local content not nationalisation - Trade Minister
Economists cast doubt over govt's ability to cut fiscal deficit
CDB loan delays reconstruction of Western Railway Line
SEC to establish fund to promote investment education
Is the Dutch disease catching up with Ghana?
Doubts over deficit target: Projected cuts not within reach
Workers to wear red bands from today
Tema port could lose trade to Togo - Industrialist warns
Ghana needs a 'business plan' to develop - VALCO CEO
Prez Mahama to address Economist Ghana Summit
Workers demonstration must not be restricted -ICU
Government maintains producer price of cocoa
NGOs network to improve business environment
Fuel prices drop again by 1.5%
Govt to control borrowing — Prez
Fitch downgrades Ghana; From B+ to B
Multinationals must cede part of businesses to Ghanaians - GIPC chair
Workers strike not best option - Labour group
Prepaid electricity consumers decry high tariffs
Generate more revenue for development – Minister
Ghana impresses investors in Chicag
Govt bails SSNIT out of ailing STC
Fruit processing companies look offshore for fruits
Low rains to reduce cocoa harves
Oct 14, 2013 at 8:35am GhIPSS to introduce four new products
Hydro power under threat
Ghana, Turkey to establish industrial zone
Ghana Impresses Investors in Chicago
Transport fares push Sep. inflation up
Gov't optimistic meeting revenue targets
MMDAS asked to formulate local economic policies to enhance revenue generation
Government to decongest Ports
AGI calls for exemption of levy on raw materials
Gov’t to invest $20bn in new oil discoveries
Projected fall in prices of gold, cocoa to adversely affect cedi's value
World Bank cautions Ghana on rising debt
Govt to withhold salaries of Atomic Energy Commission workers
Donor partners begin disbursement of held-up funds
Off to Ghana - Expats discover a top business location
West Africa, EU compete for top spot in Ghanaian exports
Terkper leads delegation to IMF/World Bank meetings
US endorses Ghana’s Supreme Court verdict on election votes
ASSI to demonstrate against tariffs increment
CDH builds GHC350,000 home for Village of Hope
Ghana’s budget deficit poses risk - Razia Khan
Support SMEs -Vice Pee urges loan companies
Financial sector reforms will improve Ghanaian lives - Amissah-Arthur
Ghana to net-export power in four years- Mahama
Hotels defy BoG orders; charge foreign currencies
Exporters urged to focus on quality issues
Ghana to host Success Africa Conference 2013
BOST workers on a sit down strike
Kosmos Energy committed to local content implementation
NCA takes steps to check unsolicited texts
TV stations urged to invest in content
The problem with agric extension is funding
PriceWater business school in Ghana
Zoomlion responds to World Bank debarment
Newmont Ghana to lay off over 300 workers
2013 fiscal targets beyond reach
Working towards the MDGs
TUC to protest new utility tariffs
Working towards the MDGs
Save Ghana’s industrial sector - ICU cries
High Lending Rates: The banks are not to blame
Committee to draft Ghana’s CSR policy
Minimum wage up by 17%
Gov't moves to broaden tax base
Firms urged to produce quality goods
Inflation dropped by 0.02% in August - gov't statistician
Ghana earns $1.4 billion in oil revenue
Pioneers in Africa online marketing sets up shop in Ghana
Explore other markets for cocoa — President Mahama
Ghana revives bilateral agreement with Italy
Ghana, Benin propose ECOWAS summit over energy challenges
Global food prices continue to drop
Concept of municipal bonds might fail if... - Former Minister
$5.1bn NTE earnings target achievable — GEPA
Over 800,000 mobile number ports completed in two years
7th ECOWAS Trade Fair launched in Takoradi
Costs, bureaucracy fuel illegal mining
Cashew could earn economy US$300-400m
PURC not decided on tariff adjustment
FWSC increases single spine base pay for 2013
GNPC wishes Black Stars success against the Chipolopolo of Zambia
Ghana to take advantage of Japan’s $32b for Africa
Liberty Capital grabs new international award
Securing Africa’s land for shared prosperity - Makhtar Diop
BoG, other central banks approve Absa-Barclays merger
Gold Fields remains on track to achieve 2013 annual guidance
Singapore companies commit to massive investment in Ghana
Non-bank financial institutions see public trust as biggest threat
BoG, other central banks approve Absa-Barclays merger
GCB pays dividend to government
UN urges Ghana to ensure economic boom doesn’t undermine human rights protection
Looming mining sector job losses due to tax hikes, falling gold prices
WAPCo confirms gas flow from Nigeria to Ghana
NIC to suspend prosecution plans
Looming mining sector job losses due to tax hikes, falling gold prices
GCB pays dividend to government
Public Private Partnership law expected in November
Transport fares to go up next week
Gov’t will not tax any business entity out of business
Lydia Lariba Bawa appointed New Insurance Commissioner
Ghana Stock Exchanges' index to trade on Bourse Africa platform
Fuel prices up by about 6%
Importers decry high taxes
ICU opposes tax increases
Ghana government owes GH¢420m utility arrears in energy sector – Ministry
2014 budget to be ready by November
Banks likely to increase interests paid on deposits
Commodity prices in mixed trading
Ghana Stock Exchanges' index to trade on Bourse Africa platform
Hike in taxes is a blow to Ghanaian workers, says ICU
Merger of GWCL, GUWC will see no job cuts - Stanley Martey
AGI calls for Industrial Parks and Power Plants across every region
Sunon Asogli back in operation following delivery of gas from Nigeria
BoG promises liquidity support for Merchant bank
Chinese bank releases funds for gas project
Gov’t welcomes more independent power producers
99.89% of public workers migrated unto single spine
SSNIT prosecutes defaulting employers
Government to issue seven year bond next month
Ghana’s 20% import tax on mobile phones has implications for consumers
PEF wants government to halt implementation of new tax hikes
Ghana to benefit from US power initiative
June inflation rate rises to 11.4 per cent
Ghana government to conclude on interim EPA by 2014
Ghana’s energy sector should rise to the challenge – World Bank
Telecoms Chamber outraged at new tax
Help solve challenges in microfinance sector - BoG
Parliament approves levies to stabilize economy
Government to raise 371 million Ghana cedis from proposed tax hikes
Ghana drops to 5th largest receiver of FDI in Africa – UN
Obama celebrates Ghanaian entrepreneur, Fred Swaniker
Microfinance companies kick against new minimum capital requirement
Gov’t, others owe ECG GHC 222m – World Bank report
New base rate formula for banks takes off
Two-year tax holiday for essential investors
Ghana to benefit from $7 billion US initiative
Ghana, China bilateral trade said to hit $5.4b in 2012
Gov't support needed by entrepreneurs to create employment
Fruits from Ghana banned
Pensioners appeal for easier ways to receive their pensions
About $1m spent daily to import crude for power generation
Inflation figures go up after rebasing
Scottish oil and gas industry makes strides
£3,000 guarantee bond will affect our finances - Civil Aviation
Republic Bank to seek BOG’s consent for mandatory takeover of HFC
Internet pioneer, Dr. Nii Narku Quaynor inducted into Hall of Fame
Ghana to receive gas as West African Gas Pipeline Company completes repair works
GREDA wants other players to join its ranks
Why trade facilitation is important for Africa
Government to arrange alternative funding for Gas Project
Appointment of new insurance commissioner generates controversy
Rebased May inflation is 11.1 per cent
Exploration and Production Law will strengthen oil industry- Energy Minister
Veep addresses global seminar in Switzerland
Stanchart to link Ghana to global markets
IMF asks gov’t to increase tariffs
Parliament defers approval of eurobond
Microfinance minimum capital to go up as BoG reviews regulations
Ghana opts for bridge financing as Chinese funds delay for gas project
UK visa bond possible but nothing decided – High Commissioner to Ghana
BoG calls for complete withdrawal of fuel subsidy
Fostering the growth of the Corporate African Woman
GCB to soon expand to 3 other West African countries
SSNIT to imprison defaulting employers
Bank of Ghana to restructure for new payment systems
Ghana government plans more credit facilities for SMEs
Court restrains Trasacco, others
Halt destruction of cocoa farms
GCB to launch automated SME loan facility
Finance ministry to review monetary sector laws
Ghana needs ambitious mid-term fiscal consolidation – IMF
We worked hard to win back bank of the year - ECOBANK MD
British Airways initiates moves to cash in on Virgin exit from Ghana
PURC dragged to Court over new utility tariffs
High savings withdrawal hits microfinance firms in Kumasi
Ghana to have ultra modern train terminals
GhIPSS secures €8m German ‘soft loan’ for e-zwich infrastructure
Gov’t must give tax holidays to start-ups – Group
Gov’t adopts cashless payment system
Ghana government disburses over $47m to fight poverty
GRA records increased revenue mobilisation
Don’t let foreigners perceive Ghana as hostile: Investment banker urges
Abraaj Group acquires Fanmilk
Chinese Development Bank to resume disbursement of $3b loan next month
Mobile phone users angry with telcos for poor services
Have You Considered the Ghana Alternative Market (GAX)?
Ghana’s peace in slippage, ranks 58th in 2013 Peace Index
Ghanaian visitors spend £25m in British economy in 2012
Africa, the new frontier for investors
NPA to push for total removal of subsidies on all petroleum products
Investors protest against section of new GIPC bill
Kofi Annan urges G8 to make company ownership, revenue flows completely transparent
Banks urged to comply with ethics
2012 Ghana Club 100 launched
SMEs must bring formality into their operation
BoG assures cedi's depreciation should be over by August
Ghana gets $145 million for commercial agric
Ghana meets global anti-hunger targets ahead of 2015 deadline – FAO
Online Govt seeks to amend master facility for Chinese loan
SSNIT arrests four over social security contributions
Be selective in granting microfinance licenses - BOG advised
GRA?begins distress action to retrieve GH¢2.7 million
Midland carves a new corporate image
Virgin Atlantic Airlines hints of returning if conditions improve
World Bank trains women in soap making
Gov’t urged to establish a coastal management commission
UE entrepreneurs to deepen regional investment
15-year-old entrepreneur rakes in over $1 million in sales
UK tourism agency responds to Virgin Atlantic Ghana operations suspension
West Africa to lead Africa’s economy in 2013-2014
Business fund supports 695 enterprises
National Security takes over security at Kotoka
AfDB announces $20b ‘Africa50Fund’ infrastructure financing plan
ECG demands 214% tariff increase
World mobile subscriptions exceed 6.4 billion Q1 of 2013 - Report
Bulk distributors back removal of subsidies on petrol, diesel and LPG
Business fund supports 695 enterprises
Ghana Stock Exchange lures AGI members
Older brands are not better brands – Prof. Hinson
UNDP spends $10.7m on Ghana projects in 2012
‘Economic gains must reflect in people’s lives’
White House honours Ghanaian innovator
IFC to issue a GHC 2billion bond to support local businesses
Government to ban copper export - Minister
Ghana, EU sign pact on illegal timber products
CB-Net drags BoG to CHRAJ
TOR debt not a threat to GCB Bank
BoG shuts down illegal finance houses
Service branding is the future - Kofi Bentil
Visa requirements in Africa hamper trade and job creation – AfDB
High level Israeli delegation to meet Finance Ministry
No fare increases yet - Transport Co-ordinating Council
Transfer technical skills to private sector - Prez Mahama urges investors
Africa records $186.3b financial flows in 2012 – AfDB
World Bank to use procurement modules developed under $547m MCC for Ghana
As the cost of energy goes up, food prices follow
DICs operations improve government’s revenue – Minister
Finance ministry suspends award of new projects
PEF kicks against tax increases
PURC to begin review of proposals for upward adjustment of tariffs on Monday
AfDB revokes Ghana’s membership from ALSF Governing Council
French companies to invest heavily in Ghana
Corporate Ghana driving domestic aviation boom
Over 4,500 world leaders, advocates, call for continued investment in girls and women
GH¢50,000 seed capital for young entrepreneur
Government to issue its last three-year bond for the half year
Ghana’s top 100 strongest brands to be awarded
Ghana to strengthen business ties with France
AfDB projects 8% growth for Ghana’s economy in 2013
3-year bond to boost the cedi’s performance against dollar
New taxes will further cripple local businesses - PEF
Government considers regular adjustments in utility tariffs and petroleum prices
BoG Shuts Down Three Illegal Banks
Go after tax defaulters - Economist urges govt
COCOBOD to raise $1.25 billion through 5 international lenders
Natural resources can fuel Africa’s economic transformation, says report
Revenue falls short of target
240 SMEs in Ghana to get world-class IFC business training
Gov’t likely to settle on Citi bank and Barclays as managers for 2nd Eurobond bond
Bank of Ghana makes changes in monetary operations
GNA GhIPSS introduces express cheques
First credit ratings agency likely to begin operations in Ghana this year
BoG increases policy rate to 16%, citing threats to growth and inflation
BoG increases policy rate to 16%, citing threats to growth and inflation
BoG To Maintain Prime Rate
Dizengoff sells implements on credit to farmers
Ecobank report predicts challenging times for cedi in coming months
Ghana records nearly 20% traffic in SWIFT payments as at March 2013
Government institutes special revenue taskforce
Stop the plunder of Africa
Listing on GSE still on our minds -Kosmos CEO
Government appoints Citi Bank and Barclays as facilitators of July Eurobond auction
Institutions must utilize corporate bonds to raise capital - Cobblah
Ghana receives $13.9b Chinese aid in 10 years
Global trade in creative economy up to $624b in 2011 – Report
President urges GCB to support start-up businesses
Suspend Eurobond floatation -Dr Abbey
Stop delay in regulating oil and gas resources – World Bank
Ghana to issue second Eurobond
Oil becomes Ghana’s second main export with value of $3b in 2012 – Stanchart
Audit staff to train in financial auditing
GRA to refund millions of Cedis to telcos following court ruling
Inflation inches up to 10.6 percent in April
Chamber calls on private sector minister
Gov’t to simplify budget information for the public
Govt to partner Canada to fight graduate unemployment
Ghana is 4th investment destination in sub-Sahara Africa – WEF
Emirates Group announces 34% rise in 2012-2013 net profit
IMF, IDEG launch sub-Saharan Africa economic outlook
Tullow invested $669 million in Ghana last year
Deutsche Bank Set To Open In Ghana
Insurance Firms Urged To Consult Fire Officers Before Issuing Certificates
Pensioners to benefit from emergency health services
Ghana will manage oil revenue well - Vice President pledges
AGI and BCIU to organize 2013 Ghana Competitiveness Roundtable
Ghana cedi to remain strong - BoG
Gov’t to set up special control unit on money laundering
African revenue widens income gap – Africa progress report
EU denies putting undue pressure on Ghana to sign the EPA
GSE prepares to launch new alternative exchange
ECB Says Ditching Austerity Would Not Help Euro Zone
Gold Rises for Fourth Time in Five Days on Coin Demand
Africa's Per Capita Income to Rise Above $10,000
Nigeria Central Bank Increases Forex Sales By N4 Billion
Africa: Commodity-Based Industrialization Key to Long-Term Development in Africa - UN Report
Rural banks need operational paradigm shift not mergers – Expert
Workers of Merchant Bank petition Central Bank over First Rand takeover
Unilever records 18% growth in 2012
Ghana to host Banking, Finance and Insurance Expo 2013
Interest in Ghana’s minerals soar
Bank of America opens its door to Ghanaian students for internship
GCB to host discussion on cashless society to mark 60th Anniversary
Interbank welcomes payment via e-zwich
CDH Boss gets IPR Award, the full story
Banking expert advocates Financial Ombudsman Service for Ghana
Revenue collection reduces at Ivory Coast border
Mining sector gives Ghana US$2 billion annually
Hippo Group CEO, 11 others honored for contributions to growth of Ghana’s economy
Banker condemns UT Bank’s debt collection methods as irresponsible
17-year-old schoolboy sells his app company to Yahoo for £18m
Dr. Kofi Wampah confirmed as Governor of Bank of Ghana
3000 workers of Goldfields Ghana demonstrate over "apartheid management"
West African Nations Must Protect Their Markets - Veep Amissah-Arthur
Government Takes Over Takoradi T3 Thermal Plant
Africa’s Development Depends On Youth In ICT
Economist Expresses Confidence In Government's Ability To Reduce Deficit
SIC workers demand board chairman's dismissal
Africa Tipped To Produce More Food
SG-SSB battles loan recovery
Turning agricultural sector into $1 trillion industry
GRA takes distress action to recover over GH¢4m tax revenue
We Shall Strengthen The Procurement Law To Ensure Accountability - President
GRA Takes Distress Action To Recover Over GH¢4m Tax Revenue
China exports beat forecasts on strong US demand
Micro insurance products to boom
Assembly to close down illegal micro-finance companies
Airtel rolls out mobile HD voice service
FirstRand Bank hopeful of finalizing acquisition of Merchant Bank in two months
Power crisis to end in June; consumers to pay more - VRA
Ayensu starch factory resumes production
Ghanaian entrepreneur outdoors newly assembled heavy duty trucks
Power crisis to end in June but consumers need to pay more- VRA
TOR must be privatized- Rashid Pelpuo
EU 'growth boost from US free-trade deal'
Brazil economy grew 0.9% in 2012
Eurozone unemployment hits 11.9%
Bank of Ireland makes 1.8bn-euro loss in 2012
AGI protests high power tariffs
US firm finds more oil in Ghanaian waters
Economy can’t develop without strong credit bureau – Expert
RBS lost £5.2bn in 'chastening' year
BP: Scope of oil disaster internal probe 'had limitations'
Lloyds losses narrow to £570m in 2012
Samsung loses Japan iPhone battle but gains help of ex-judge
NPA boss denies allegations by TOR workers
High level Microsoft executive to visit Ghana
2013 Budget to be presented to parliament on March 5
Employers Association decries high cost and access to credit
BP and Gulf states set for trial over oil spill
Apple loses shareholder vote lawsuit and drops plan
Ghana must ensure transparency in management of oil revenue - Okonjo-Iweala
Tigo Cash is ‘Best Mobile Money Product ’ in West Africa
2013 Budget to focus on growth, infrastructure development- Terkper
Government to widen tax net- Terkper
Government to ban exportation of scrap metal
TOR to resume operations from next month
Bridgestone shares surges as tyre-maker's profits rise
German economy to return to growth, says Bundesbank
EuroStar Global Limousine unveils top range luxury Limosines for rental services in Ghana
Govt’s domestic borrowing threatens growth of private businesses - Makhtar Diop
Fitch highlights weak state of Ghana's public finances
Government should privatize TOR - Alex Mould
Ghana to import timber to meet demand
SSNIT invests in energy production
GHACEM to increase capacity
Government revenue falls short
Pound continues to weaken against dollar and euro
Single Spine, Cedi shock economy
Facebook hacked, says no user data compromised
Fuel prices go up
Remove fuel subsidies now - Central Bank
Policy rate maintained at 15 percent
Equity investors converge on Ghana
Investors confident in GCB stock
PBC records reduced growth
Government to establish small and medium-scale enterprises fund
Government Outdoors Industrial Policy
Egypt Foreign Currency Reserves Fall Again
Barclays to close 'tax avoidance' unit
Heinz bought by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway for $28bn
Microsoft partners local IT firm
Gold Rises On Physical Buying
Chemical Producer Eyes Ghana
WB Broadens Access To Info...
China & Gold ....
Nigeria, China Sign US$8bn ...
Nigeria Interest Rate At 6.0 Pct
IMF 2010 Growth Estimate...
Nigerian Stocks, Africa 2nd-Best
G20 Cheers Spared Bankers ..
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